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We primarily seek active, long-term investments which offer an attractive risk profile and strong value proposition. With fundamental research at the core of our process, our team seeks out the most efficient and robust sources of alpha across world markets. From equities, real assets to alternatives and multi-asset, we marry innovation and risk management in a bid to deliver long-term value for clients and ourselves.

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About us

Wealth Fields is a global investment firm founded by Rowdha Al Sakit and Rafia Al Mulla of the United Arab Emirates. A market leader in diversified investing, the firm pursues situations where it can readily identify value creation in a predictable time frame and where its core competencies and competitive advantages translate into sustainable and attractive risk-adjusted returns. Over the past 5 years, Wealth Fields and its affiliated companies have produced a cumulative internal rate of return from full-cycle investments over 30%. Building on its success and fully integrated platform, the firm is launching the Wealth Fields Global Investment Fund that will strategically invest in a multi-dimensional group of asset classes across gateway and secondary markets in the Middle East, United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Wealth Fields believes in active portfolio management. As stewards of our clients’ assets, we seek to persevere and grow wealth responsibly. The Markets are in a constant state of change. Yields are low, inflation is returning and regulatory complexity continues to expand. However, like an open field, the potential is limitless.

Private Equity

Traditional Private Equity offers potentially large returns when executed properly. However, the space requires deep analysis, diligence and experience. Our portfolio team seeks to identify companies in distress or with strong fundamentals but weak leadership for restructuring and branding. By the assignment of our own team, we will look to exit for high multiples or through an IPO process. RR Holding will also allow the Wealth Fields Fund to co-invest with their pre-existing private equity investments.

Global Equities

Equities have consistently earned more than investment-grade bonds over the long term. Since 1926, stocks returned an average of 10.01% annually, bonds 5.17%, and short-term investments 3.32%, before inflation. We believe that emotion and fear have presented an opportunity for U.S. and European equities. The 9-year bull run and a plethora of economic and political events occurring in the past couple of months has sent investors in a whirlwind of uncertainty and worry for what the future holds in the global. equity markets. As a result, we’ve seen rampant misalignment between valuations and actual market prices.

Venture Capital

With over $58 Billion invested in the first half of 2018, Venture Capital investments have reached an all-time high. However, these investments often fail and without access to the best deal flow, it’s a dangerous field to navigate. Wealth Fields feels the best approach to venture investing is through a balanced portfolio of investments. We have been actively investing in the venture industry since 2012 and successfully generated a MOIC over 3x. We seek series A, B opportunities across the technology and F&B sectors with pre-existing revenue streams and deeply experienced teams.

Real Estate

Wealth Fields is an active investor in the global real estate market. We target net returns over 10% across the Wealth Fields real estate portfolio by leveraging our network and deal flow in markets throughout the GCC, Americas and Europe. We apply a durable and diversified investment approach that maximizes "for income" cash flows, investment multiples and attractive “for sale” disposition solutions. We also gain exposure to international markets by partnering with “best in class” local operators with exceptional track records and insider access.


The UAE sits at the top of the MasterCard global destination cities index in terms of visitor spending and has retained its global number four spot in terms of the total number of international visitors. The average occupancy and RevPAR rates for the hospitality industry are exceptionally high, however, we feel the market has suffered recently from a lack of quality supply, macroeconomic factors, and weak management. Therefore, we feel that numerous opportunities to capture and create value are present and actively seek opportunities for strong and sustainable returns with proven operators.

Service Providers

Middlemen such as brokers, service providers, and long-term landlords represent a stable income class. Additionally, recession-proof products such as consumer staples and Treasury Inflation Protected Bonds present lower risk options to hedge out systemic and idiosyncratic risk. Wealth Fields will look to allocate to this sector and consider investment in companies that perform a necessary service for consumers like laundry, storage cosmetics, clothing, food and beverage.

Hedge Fund

Hedge Funds often charge exorbitant fees, require large entry investments and long lock-up periods, yet they rarely beat their associated index benchmarks. However, the Wealth Fields investment team has identified a group of managers in the US and Europe with low fees, small entry requirements and average returns over 15% annually.

Commodities & Utilities

The Wealth Fields Fund will balance out the portfolio with a basket of Hard Assets via exposure to commodity indexes, mining companies, utilities livestock, timber, agriculture, oil production and or exploration companies.


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